Comparing the best Psychic & Tarot reading websites of 2018


Online Psychic Reading Guide – 2018

No 1 Psychics Content Website Overall Visit
Keen Advisors
9 7.5 9.5 8.7 Go To Site!


    100% satisfaction guarantee
    Simple, beautiful website
    Traditional calling supported
    Secure online payment system

My Experience

 I had several sessions with Keen advisors. Creating an account is relatively simple. The quality of the readings were good. I did have troubles though to find the right expert for the issues I wanted to address. Browsing and finding the right expert was not super intuitive. I ended up choosing experts randomly. Although the experience was good on the line and that I like the look and feel of the website it would be great if users could filter experts, not only on ratings but also based on the tools they use and their expertise. Keen is a good website.

No 2 Psychics Content Website Overall Visit
PsychicworldThe best online Psychic Chat platform on the web 9.5 8 8 8.5 Go To Site!


    Free minutes for new user
    Certified psychics
    Many different types of experts
    Secure online payment system

My Experience is one of the last websites I tested over the course of the past 3 months in my quest to find legit and accurate psychics on the web. Curiously it was also the best site I’ve visited and I had a lot of material to compare with (trust me!). The site is globally pleasant and fast. The chat interface is clear, big and has been stripped from all unnecessary gadgets and buttons. Also interesting to note that while you are in a live chat session with a psychic on PsychicWorld you cannot navigate or click on other parts of the website, the focus lies thus on the chat session itself (which I think is great!). I’ve been navigating on the site and I found many interesting articles and blog posts that seemed to be updated frequently. I chatted with 5 experts (covering I-ching, Tarot, Astrology, Clairvoyance and Pendulum) and all (that is very unique!!!) sessions were, although very different, extremely insightful and (in one case even slightly troubling… in a good way though).Overall I gave the website a 9 out of 10. Some points that could be improved is the offline messaging interface and layout of some of the articles which are interesting but not very “fun” to read (no images or videos for ex).

Bottom line: if you’re looking for legit psychic readers online for a descent price then this is most definitely the site to go to.

BPRW 2017 Award


No 3 Psychics Content Website Overall Visit
Psychicsource Mediums
9 8 9 8.6 Go To Site!


    100% satisfaction guarantee
    Competitive prices
    Many different types of experts
    Large social media community

My Experience

Psychicsource is an interesting website, as you might know it is officially endorsed by socialite and Hollywood celebrity Tori Spelling. Several aspects of this platform are very appealing, they have good filters that help you find the right expert for you, also there is a lot (and I mean a A LOT!) of experts to chose from (maybe too much? … the paradox of choice). The majority of experts are from the US, that’s a missed opportunity. In my quest for legit and quality readers I spoke to many foreign (non-US) experts, many of them very talented and helpful. Anyhow, coming back on Psychicsource, choice, good filters, many good readers. One of the experts I spoke to did not really tap into my feelings correctly but I must say she was very professional and methodical in her approach and let’s face it, how talented a reader might be, they can’t always tap in your emotions. I don’t hold the platform accountable for a disappointing session. Globally I had good conversations and globally a good experience on their site, which is why this platform is on “the podium” of my favorite psychic reading websites.

No 4 Psychics Content Website Overall Visit
Californiapsychics Mediums
9.5 6 9.9 8.5 Go To Site!


    Reliable look and feel
    Call back supported
    Simple, beautiful website
    Secure online payment system

My Experience

Let me get straight to what I love about this platform: their website. It’s beautiful, it looks good, clean, reliable. Going to this website is an overall pleasant experience. I also liked the concept of being called back by the experts. The call-back feature is great and I think that other platforms should learn from them regarding this aspect. On another note, there is hardly any interesting content or resources on their site. Once you have found an expert it basically stops there. It’s not so much a community as a directory, which basically means that as a user you don’t really have any incentive to come back to their website. I conducted four readings and overall the experience was good, I did not like the register process. It’s too long. For the rest I think it’s a reliable and legit platform. It didn’t make the top 3 because it has little if no interesting content and because it is not really a community. Basically, California psychics is a B+ psychic reading website.

No 5 Psychics Content Website Overall Visit
Asknow psychics
8 8 9 8.3 Go To Site!


    Daily horoscopes provided
    Competitive prices
    Traditional calling supported
    App available

My Experience

Asknow has been around for a long time. I’m not a huge fan of their website but because they have a great app I gave their website a 9. A good app is what would make the other platforms in my list really great. Another great aspect of this platform are their horoscopes, updated daily. There is also some interesting content. I had many sessions with many different experts on this site because my first couple of sessions were pretty disappointing. In the end I had great recurring sessions with two experts and they really made up for the deceptions I experienced with other readers on this platform before. It showed that some readers on the platform were not great but others were so I gave the experts an overall 8 (although it should be more like a 5 for some and 9.5 for others), but to be fair with the good readers on the platform I decided to not penalise them too much by giving Psychics on Asknow less then 8. Basically, Asknow has some nice features and content but you will have to scout around to find the good experts on there.

They did not make the top 5…

Over the past 3 months I also tested a whole lot of other psychic reading websites. Some more, some less famous. I won’t go into the details as of why they did not make the cut, but basically I can tell you that the quality of the readings, the experience as a whole was globally insufficient. Here’s a non-exhaustive list of sites that scored 6 or less out of 10:



The quest for finding the best psychic reading websites is complex. In order to be as objective as possible I ranked websites based on three aspects which I think are the most relevant and I intended to leave my personal feelings out of the equation. To a certain extend I think I succeeded in this process but I am realistic and I know that the object observed can never be fully disconnected from the background, feelings and bias of the observer. This being said, here is how I evaluated all the platforms that were tested over the past 3 months:


The first purpose of this website is to find, reference and test psychic reading platforms available online. Obviously this variable is the most important one of the three I take under loop. On every website I had a series of sessions with different experts. Testing: different genders, young and more mature psychics, different types of expertises as well as high or lower ranked psychics. Like this I get a sample of the experts that is representative of the psychics available on a platform. During (and after) a reading I evaluate the quality of the psychic readers (scale – 0 being a scam and 10 being perfect) based on:

  • Their ability to tap into my energy
  • They ask specific and relevant questions
  • They listen and provide answers directly related to the input I provide
  • The quality of the feedback they provide
  • They are respectful, kind and attentive to my needs
  • They are inspiring
  • Content

    Another important dimension of a psychic / parapsychology website (or community) is the amount and quality of content and learning resources available on there. the amount but more importantly, the quality of the content available on all the sites I’ve been investigating varies greatly. Great content (for me!) is a reason top come back to a website over time as it nurtures my desire for knowledge and self-improvement. I give grades to the different sites for content based on:

  • The amount of content available
  • The quality of that content (is it interesting and educational)
  • The coherence and relevance of the content available
  • The way it is organised (as a digital library) and accessible
  • This it evergreen? Updated frequently
  • The amount of new content on site and on social media published weekly
  • Website

    The third and last variable I look at is basically the website (and related technologies). Our online experiences are always affected, shaped so to say, by the way the information and/or services are presented to us. You might have the best psychic readers available out there on your platform, if the user experience is poor or if starting a psychic reading online is lengthy and complex, this will strongly affect your experience on an online reading. This is why it’s relevant and this is what I take into account:

  • The speed of the website (loading and usage)
  • Design and look and feel (globally)
  • The user experience when creating an account and paying
  • The quality and simplicity of the communication interface/li>
  • The user experience when browsing, navigating and reading content
  • Other technological features like: apps, browser notifications, responsiveness etc.
  • Overall

    The 3 variables are summed-up to give every website a unique and objective mark between 1 and 10.

    Do you have more questions about the grades I give all the websites? Or do you want to suggest a new psychic reading website for review? Use the contact form and let me know!

    Blessings & enjoy your online psychic readings 😉


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